Monday, 6 August 2012

Zoe nails Ombre Nails How to DIY

Zoe Nails - Ombre Nails How To
At the first look, this ombre nails tutorial might look as if some expert has designed it. But things are not so professional & quite easy to perform. What we basically need 2 nail paints & a well-controlled pat on the nails.

Steps :- 

 Firstly, we need to create a
U shape on the nail. Make sure that it is thick & could stay firmly.You could easily shop at Zoe Nails that have good range of good quality nail polished in India.
The non-U area needs to be filled with lighter shade.
Clear if there is any surplus polish & make a nice boundary where the two paints meet.
Apply a top coat so that there is a good gel between the two colors.

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