Saturday, 28 July 2012

Zoe nails Diwali Nail Art

Zoe nails
In the upcoming times, Diwali would be around the corner & we all would be busy in cleaning our houses & surroundings. In the mission of making up everything, it would be gladsome to be in sync with the time of this august occasion with your nails. Today’s blog post is another installment talking about nail design art inspired by Diwali flavor.

  • Spare yourself few minutes in getting the basic things with you.
  • We need two nail paints of your choice & one good quality toothpick. Make sure the color matches with the appreak you wearing.
  • First thing we need to do is apply some nail paint on the nails as dots. Small dots could be diagonal or in any pattern you wish to have.
  • Suppose we have diagonal pattern so other half would be vacant. Utilize the space with blue nail polish & make some shiny blue dots there as well.
  • Now time for the final step. Apply a top coat to save the work. By doing this your nail art would not chip off for 4-5 days.
  • Now take a drop of glittered blue nail paint and make dots on left space of nails.

The nail art in Delhi has its own flavors & super occasions to showcase cool nail art designs. Zoƫ Nails take the tradition to great heights in every blog post.

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