Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to do nail Art at home?

Ignored nails spread a pitiable image. Probably the simplest and best-known variant of nail art is the painting of the fingernails with nail polish. The nail is covered with a thin layer of lacquer with the desired color. There are huge amount of coating shades available in the market, so go with the color you prefer the most. I think this form of nail art is tested by most women in India & nail art in Delhi is streets ahead of this convention..

The ever old nail art pattern ours has been nail paint with some varieties in colors & patterns. This is done by the blend of lacquer & any chosen color. With the changing times of nail art decoration, these colors have mixed with the great fingernails care. Muted version of bright colors has impression a lot. The heartening thing about nail art is that one could try this at home.Before making things fall on places, it is good to have a good quality nail polish for the refined look of the nails.

Removal of Old nail pain- The very first thing to do is to get rid of old nail polish. For this, your nail polish remover would do & set a neat & clean canvas for the upcoming beauty.

Thin Layer Application-After the clearance of any foreign color & dirt on the nails, we would apply a thin layer of coat – called base coat. After the application, let the coat to dry. You are the best judge of the thickness of the coat , so at this very point if you feel that the layer is too thin , kindly re-apply the thin layer ( Don’t overdo) so that it becomes a bit good enough to withstand & let it dry again.

Now comes the main thing. We need to apply the base now. Choose any color of your wish, say blue. Color Coating- After the coating; we would use say orange color for crafting some designs, say straight or diagonal lines. Make sure that the color does not mix the base blue. Fine & careful drawing of lines are required for a perfect finish of lines. For this, use a good nail brush- not so thin not so thick. An alternative could be toothpicks which show great finesse & grip. Again leave lines to try.

Design - After the blue color is dried, make any design on it. Circles, squares, sparkles etc. could be good. It depends how far you think.

Top layer- In the final analysis, most important thing comes to take care of. This is about using a top coat or layer. If you do not use or execute the coating of this top layer, you could spoil everything until here. So make sure your hand work is perfect & pressure is feasible for the coat. Equally important to note that the first layer or initial layer is fully dried else things would mix up & output could be so unexpected. Make sure everything is dried on the nails & for this give allow yourself around 40 minutes or so.

Once you are sure, apple the top coat & let it dry. What comes after is your own nail art work – fully executed at home.For more & perfect nail art, Zoe Nails could be your best deal in Delhi.

NB- Follwing video could be  a good reference of steps :-

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