Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nail Art Designs for NewBees by Zoe nails

Conventionally, we all wish to have a exciting break from the conventional style of nail paint & I guess this is the only reason people are getting attracted to great nail art ideas to add the special attraction factor on fingers & toes. At times we tend to become a bit lethargic to visit the nearby beauty salon for nail art. Making this a start point, I would like to share some cool nail art designs for new bees:-

Polka designs for nails
 Easiest of all designs, Polka art on nails is the best one to go with. Reason being, easy picking of colors which work wonderfully with a great nail polish pen in making small dots on the nails. It’s a matter of dryness & your are polka-ready for the world. 

                                                                                 Tiger Stripes 
When two lines meet, a tiger stripe is the perfect outcome. A wonderful add on could be a resemblance with your apparel which gives a great-on-eyes effect. By the same token, an unpainted space on the nails is also a cool idea to have.

Floral Patterns on Nails
Nothing looks great than floral effects. Floral patterns on your nails need fine & careful pressure of a nail polish pen or toothpick. For some cool special effects, crystals on the flower designs are sure enough to bring laurels. What needs a good thought process & that outputs the idea on your fingers & toes.

In India, where starters have great passion for nice effects on nails, basic designs are always aspired. Nail art in Delhi is also a great place where one could visit the nails at Zoe nails & practice at home. A smart hobby could make you go places in life & this is the beauty of a novice desire to learn nail art.

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