Monday, 23 July 2012

Zoe Nails DIY Manicure at Home

Zoe Nails - Manicured Nails at Home
Giving yourself a Home Manicure without coughing up at the high-end parlor charges is a great satisfaction in itself. Any leading nail art in Delhi could easily apprehend you about the nail tissue conditions & to keep it at bay easily, Manicure is a good solution. In the post, I would share some easy steps for DIY home manicure:-

How to do manicure at home needs the following:-

  • Cotton balls (cotton wool balls)
  • Fingernail polish remover
  • Nail trimmer
  • Cuticle remover
  • Bottle of fingernail polish

Easy DIY steps for manicure at home –

Firstly, get rid of the nail polish to get the true color of your nails. Cotton balls & nail polish remover are here to go after.

After this, we need to employ a file or emery board to shape the nails. Make sure to do it from corner to center as it does not create any ruffle.

After the shape, we remove the dirt. For this, an easy way is to immerse the hands in warm water. This softens cuticles.

Cautious towards Cuticle – We need to push the cuticle back. It is very important to keep nail infections at bay, as it is skin related. So, good approach is to use cuticle remover to remove it.

Everything is done & stage is all set to create a base coat now. Give yourself some minutes so that it is dried. After this, a second layer is applied which could be your favorite nail polish. Let it dry again & you have done the manicure all of your own, at your home. 

A moisturizing cream or lotion seals the final process.
Above mentioned steps really give a great joy. Zoƫ Nails would be bringing a lot of nail art designs, tips etc to be into the grove. Every passing day would be a new DIY tip for you.

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