Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Easy pink and white nail art tutorial

Zoe Nails Pink White Nail Art
As promised, the following DIY guide to have a nice nail art tutorial follows.Buoyant by the success of nail art in Delhi,there are so many design parlors coming up.But leader is a leader, & that is why I keep going gaga over Zoe nails.

In regards with the beautiful Easy pink and white nail art, following are the steps :-

Firstly, we need to apply pink base nail paint. We should give us time for it to get dry.
A good trick is to apply stripping tape. Normally 3-4 parts work wonderfully. We need 5 of them to have a look.
It’s time to play with the tape. Just paste them diagonally on all the fingers. Take at least half an hour for the next step & time is a good factor to have good results.
Apply pink colored nail paint on the front tip of the nails. Make sure the nail polish of good quality.
Give yourself few minutes to remove the tape. But remove it only when the nail paint is dry.
Art & craft time. We need a ball pen, which has its tip immersed in say, white paint.

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