Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Zoe Nails - American US Flag nail Art How to Tutorial

Zoe Nails - US American Flag Nail Art
July has passed but there is no season of sporting the US spirit.Zoe nails presents the following easy nail art for US flas, all over your nails.So what are we waiting for when nail art in Delhi could be as wonderful as donning the US spirits for all of us.

Steps :-

  1. First of all, let's imitate the US flag nail art with base coat with white nail paint.
  2. Now, it would be much easier if we use a good quality brush from Zoe Nails, to draw streaks over the nails - red streaks.
  3. It's the turn of a blue rectangle shape on the nail.
  4. Put small white drops over the blue shape & you are true american now, nails wise.

Some advices :-

A long, thing striping brush will make painting those thin lines a breeze!
For a more glitzy look, use little rhinestones for the stars on the flag and a glitter top coat.
When you're painting the blue bit, just think of it as half a french manicure!
Don't skip the top coat. It will make your designs look smooth and finished.
If you make a wonky red stripe, or one is wider than all the others, just touch it up with a bit of white polish.

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