Saturday, 4 August 2012

Zoe Nails Art Brushes - How to Use?A guide

Zoe nails Art & Brushes
What do we need ?

White Acrylic Paint
Detailer Brush

How to use creative nail art brush?

Even though nail art services in Delhi are mushroomed but following are the steps, which are being followed by all lovers of nail art in Delhi :-

Step 1 - Apply some water over the white paint. It is advisable to have acrylic paint which does not lose color easily). Prep your client’s nails, including pushing back cuticles, buffing the nail surface, and applying base coat.
Step 2 - It is time to use the polish brush, which is with the nail polish. Put 2 coats here. Make sure it’s dry before moving on to the next step.
Step 3 - Dip the pen into the white paint, so the well fills up completely. Use the pen to draw two loops on the nails, so that the barrels (thickest part) butt up to each other.
Step 4 - Use the pen to add two small apostrophes inside the loops.
Step 5 - Use the pen to add three teardrops in the center of the two loops & you are done.

Hopefuly, this edition from Zoe nails do the needful.Would upload more :)

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