Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Zoe Nails Halloween Nail Art Design DIY Tutorial

Zoe Nails Fabulous Halloween Inspiration
Halloween nail art is always vibrant with any outfit you dedicate yourself to the spooky day. The following post is inspired by this desire when DIY Halloween nail art is a true guide to have the best of Halloween design on the nails.

Start with
an all-over base color; to create a Goosebumps-worthy slime color, I did a thin coat of an opaque lime green and then covered it with two coats of the thinner, neon shade.
Apply a good base color. Zoƫ nails, which not just provide great nail extensions in Delhi but also great for nail paints.
Drop a significant spot of black in the middle. Clean the brush, drag calmly upwards. Do again for different sizes. For raised drips, allow the original to dry and then drop an additional dot or two in the center of each drip.
Then give the ooze sufficient time to dry before applying top coat to avoid smears.

Nail Art in Delhi is also opening up global dedicated days & even Halloween is being observed by Indians.This is always good for fashionistas.

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