Friday, 10 August 2012

Zoe Nails - Butterflies nail Art Delhi

The first thing about Zoe Nails is sheer creativity with colors. Moreover any nail art in Delhi is incomplete without right blend of design & color. Today, we would learn about Fantasy Butterflies nail art.


Nail Art in Delhi
Firstly, we need to put down some sort of colorful background. This can be done using color powder, colored gel, or even glitter. You can either just color the front part of the nail or you can do the entire nail surface. In any case however, it is a good idea to create some sort of contrast.

Nail Art in Delhi
Next, use pink liner to draw a single oval in the shape of a flower petal over the prepared area of the nail.

Nail Art in Delhi
Now repeat this process three more times to create a butterfly design. Now, use a blue liner to create a second butterfly repeating the same movements.

To make your butterflies really stand out, you should now use an extra thin nail art brush in order to create a thin black lining around the butterflies. Use the same thin brush to draw two small antennae on each butterfly.

Nail Art in Delhi
To further brighten up your design, use a dotting tool to create several colourful dots in a random configuration throughout the nail surface. You should use an average of ten dots per nail.

Now, use top coat to seal your design.

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